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Tattoo Removal For Donation


To support our ministry, we offer paid tattoo removal, in return for a donation, to those who do not qualify for free removal.  Our laser is state-of-the-art and we believe that our price is considerably less than what is typically available on the commercial tattoo-removal market.


Donation (Per Treatment):
X-Small (1 square inch or less) - $50
Small (half-a-hand or less) - $100
Medium (whole hand or less) - $150
Large (2 hands or less) - $200


Donations are accepted by personal check or credit card (we do not accept cash) at the time of treatment.

The typical blue-black tattoo will require 5-6 treatments to remove but the number will vary and you may require more than 6 treatments.  Colored tattoos are more variable and our laser will remove most colors, but not all.

We do not guarantee complete removal of any tattoo.