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Now Offering Paid Tattoo Removal


To support our ministry, we now offer paid tattoo removal, in return for a donation, to those who do not qualify for free removal.  Our laser is state-of-the-art and we believe that our price is considerably less than what is typically available on the commercial tattoo-removal market.

Donation (Per Treatment):
X-Small (1 square inch or less) - $50
Small (half-a-hand or less) - $100
Medium (whole hand or less) - $150
Large (2 hands or less) - $200

Donations are accepted by personal check or credit card (we do not accept cash) at the time of treatment.

The typical blue-black tattoo will require 5-6 treatments to remove but the number will vary and you may require more than 6 treatments.  Colored tattoos are more variable and our laser will remove most colors, but not all.  

We do not guarantee complete removal of any tattoo.

Strength & Courage at TRI



This is Tony.  His extensive facial tattoos make it difficult even for a skilled Mason to find work.  Although facial tattoo removal is a painful process, Tony took the pain in order to have a better life.  He and I both got a lot out of that treatment and I'm looking forward to seeing him again.  We will keep you updated on Tony as his tattoo removal progresses.  

PRN Newswire Press Release


Astanza Laser wrote up a nice press release about TRI and you can view it here on PRN Newswire.  Check it out!

Local 12 News Visits TRI


Deb Dixon with Local 12 News did a great piece on Tattoo Removal Ink!  In case you missed it, you can watch it by clicking the image below or by visiting the Local 12 News website

Educated, Trained & Removing! 


Great news! After many months of planning, assembling our board and our technicians, signing a lease, creating a website, collecting supplies and preparing the office, we are now officially up and removing!

On January 12th and 13th,  our seven laser-technicians-to-be took a two-day training course taught by Armando Diaz, an educator from the Dallas-based Astanza Laser College. Armando and the state-of-the art Astanza Duality Laser flew in from Dallas the day before the training. After setting up and thoroughly testing the laser, Armando taught us a detailed course in tattoos and tattoo application, types of tattoos, laser safety requirements, laser physics, laser skin interaction, tattoo removal contraindications and complications, and hands-on tattoo-removal protocols. Armando is a laser expert - he has an engineering degree from Purdue University and has been with Astanza for six years. The classroom training was excellent, with six hours of lectures and a strong focus on client safety. 

Classroom training with Armando Diaz

Classroom training with Armando Diaz


For our hands-on laser training, we first practiced on magazine pages, since magazine ink is similar to tattoo ink. With safety goggles in place and Armando overseeing, each of us got to position the laser, press the foot pedal and hear a sharp "snap" as a small square of magazine ink absorbed energy from the six one-millionths of a second laser pulse and vaporized, leaving behind a pale grey square. This is the same process that occurs within the skin, as relatively large tattoo-ink globules absorb the laser energy and shatter into extremely tiny particles that can be absorbed by the body's clean-up system of specialized white blood cells.

Learning the laser settings

Learning the laser settings

Practicing with the laser using magazine pages

Practicing with the laser using magazine pages


After the magazine practice, we were ready for the real thing. Our eight volunteer clients had dozens of tattoos between them. Each of us got to treat multiple tattoos with Armando overseeing the process. The most fascinating thing to me was that the same sharp "snap" sound emanated from the skin as the tattoo ink absorbed laser energy and disintegrated beneath the surface.

Removing a tattoo from a volunteer client's hand

Removing a tattoo from a volunteer client's hand

Removing a tattoo from a volunteer client's back

Removing a tattoo from a volunteer client's back

Tattoo after one laser treatment

Tattoo after one laser treatment

At the end of the two-day course, Armando tested us and every student passed with flying colors, each of us earning the title of Certified Laser Specialist. We are now ready to serve our clients and are scheduling sessions. We provide this service at no cost for the formerly-incarcerated, the formerly-gang-involved, and victims of human trafficking. Please contact us if you believe that you might qualify for this life-changing treatment.

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