Thank You to Eraser Clinic Tattoo Removal!

In June 2018 Tattoo Removal Ink was pleased to receive a donation of laser equipment from Eraser Clinic Laser Tattoo Removal.

The Sinon q-switched ruby laser by Alma Lasers adds the 694 nanometer wavelength to our tattoo removal toolkit and allows us to treat exotic ink colors such as blue, green, purple, and stubborn black.

We look forward to putting this donation to good use in our charitable work.



Recently, TRI's cryo machine (the piece of equipment that cools the skin during the tattoo removal procedure) broke. Fortunately, the incredibly generous people at ZIMMER USA donated a new cryo chiller to TRI! Here's a video with more info, and a heartfelt thank you from TRI founder, Jo Martin.


Progress Report

Check out the progress that is being made on this tattoo removal! We expect this client will need one or two more treatments before the removal process is complete, but the results so far are very impressive, don’t you think? Please share with anyone you think might benefit from our services!


Now Offering Paid Tattoo Removal

To support our ministry, we now offer tattoo removal to those who do not qualify for our free services.  Our laser is state-of-the-art and we believe that our price is considerably less than what is typically available on the commercial tattoo-removal market.

Cost (Per Treatment):
X-Small Tattoo (1 square inch or less*) - $50
Small Tattoo (2-6 square inches) - $100
Medium Tattoo (7-15 square inches) - $150
Large Tattoo (16 to 30 square inches) - $200

*For reference, a postage stamp is approximately 1 square inch. The palm of your hand or a dollar bill is each approximately 15 square inches.

Payment is due at time of treatment.  We accept personal check or credit card (we do not accept cash).

The typical blue-black tattoo will require 6-8 treatments to remove but the number will vary and you may require more than 8 treatments.  Colored tattoos are more variable and our laser will remove most colors, but not all.  

We do not guarantee complete removal of any tattoo.

Strength & Courage at TRI


This is Tony.  His extensive facial tattoos make it difficult even for a skilled Mason to find work.  Although facial tattoo removal is a painful process, Tony took the pain in order to have a better life.  He and I both got a lot out of that treatment and I'm looking forward to seeing him again.  We will keep you updated on Tony as his tattoo removal progresses.