NKY company giving former inmates second chance by removing tattoos for free

FLORENCE, Ky. —Incarcerated men and women say they feel they have a new lease on life after removing the scars of the past at Tattoo Removal Ink Inc. in Florence.

The nonprofit removing tattoos for inmates at at no charge.

For years, client Kimberly Dotson's choices to use alcohol and drugs led her to crime and incarceration. Nineteen months ago, she made a choice to wash away the symbols of her past, in exchange for a better future.

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Tattoo Removal Ink in NK

Jo Martin is a retiree from the corporate world who now removes tattoos from the skin of people for whom the inked hieroglyphics mark lives of addiction and crime they are trying to escape.

I met Martin when I was recently in Northern Kentucky.

A few years ago, with her children grown, Martin was tutoring jail inmates, most of whom were repeat offenders and long-time drug addicts. A friend told her about a priest in Los Angeles working with gang members.

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Northern Kentucky nonprofit removing tattoos of formerly incarcerated citizens starting new lives

By Nadia Ramlagan
Public News Service

A small nonprofit in Northern Kentucky is removing face, neck and hand tattoos for people starting a new life after serving time in prison.

It all started several years ago when Jo Martin retired from a long corporate career and began tutoring GED subjects to people incarcerated at the Kenton County Detention Center in Covington. Martin realized that even with a GED, the prison and gang-related tattoos she kept seeing would prevent many individuals from finding employment.

She decided to start a nonprofit, Tattoo Removal Ink, that specializes in tattoo removal for men and women who are coming out of incarceration, at no charge.

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Thank You to Eraser Clinic Tattoo Removal!

In June 2018 Tattoo Removal Ink was pleased to receive a donation of laser equipment from Eraser Clinic Laser Tattoo Removal.

The Sinon q-switched ruby laser by Alma Lasers adds the 694 nanometer wavelength to our tattoo removal toolkit and allows us to treat exotic ink colors such as blue, green, purple, and stubborn black.

We look forward to putting this donation to good use in our charitable work.




Recently, TRI's cryo machine (the piece of equipment that cools the skin during the tattoo removal procedure) broke. Fortunately, the incredibly generous people at ZIMMER USA donated a new cryo chiller to TRI! Here's a video with more info, and a heartfelt thank you from TRI founder, Jo Martin.


Strength & Courage at TRI


This is Tony.  His extensive facial tattoos make it difficult even for a skilled Mason to find work.  Although facial tattoo removal is a painful process, Tony took the pain in order to have a better life.  He and I both got a lot out of that treatment and I'm looking forward to seeing him again.  We will keep you updated on Tony as his tattoo removal progresses.