An outreach program of TRI

The Employment Advancement & Retention Needs Program expands TRI's services to include free instruction and tutoring to improve our clients' occupational potentials.  From learning the basics of reading, math and writing to preparing for college entrance exams, we work with our clients to prepare them to begin or advance in their chosen career fields.

The E.A.R.N. instructors and tutors bring over 100 years of combined experience to the classroom.  This experience includes work readiness, life skills, self-awareness, correctional instruction, college courses, literacy, adult basic education and GED preparation. 

Their personal experiences reflect their dedication to building a better, more just world.  Like all of TRI's members, they believe in a world where there is no us and them - just us.

Expanding our services to include the E.A.R.N. Program continues our dedication to helping our clients improve their individual and family lives, which will benefit our entire community.

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Research shows that individuals with more training/education earn more and spend less time unemployed.  Higher education/ training increases earning potential. We are dedicated to helping E.A.R.N.ers advance to their fullest economic potentials: improving the lives of the individuals, their families and the community



TRI's E.A.R.N. classes are held every Tuesday and Wednesday from 5:00 - 8:00 pm.  There is individual, customized tutoring available for everyone; current TRI clients and member of the community.  You do not need to be a tattoo removal client to participate in TRI's E.A.R.N. program. 

E.A.R.N. classes are open to everyone. We individualize each course of study based upon your personal academic levels and goals.   These courses include:

  • Preparation for college entrance test
  • N.C.R.C. certification prep
  • MOS certification
  • Para-Pro Test Study
  • Basic reading, writing and math
  • Improvement in academic areas
  • Refreshing past skills
  • GED exam study

These classes are offered free to all participants.  Most "E.A.R.N.ers" must be 18 years of age or older.  Young adults, 16 and 17 year olds officially withdrawn from school, may be considered based upon their circumstances and needs.


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